Thursday, January 28, 2016

The true, good and the beautiful of my hiatus!

I am back, from a month and a half hiatus. It's been an intense time of praying and taking a look at my life and all that God has allowed to come forth. In this initial look forward, I would like to share a few things, just enough to say hello and hope that you will join me again on this journey I asked you to take with me a few months back.

The truth is it's been a tough couple of months. I have been on a whirlwind tour with many health issues abounding. God throws some curveballs, but nothing we cannot handle without His grace. More details on this in a later blog post. For now, I just ask for your prayers for our little family and for my health.

The good in all of this is that God is calling me back to Him. I had been wandering away for a while. Nothing major, actually much more subtle than stepping away full stop. Yet, sometimes subtleties can be worse. We don't take notice that we are not placing God first and before you know it our prayer life is in shambles and we ask where God is? He is right there. He is always there, we are just not taking time for Him. Life gets so busy sometimes that God takes a backseat to the most mundane. I'll tell you one thing, health matters can quickly bring you back to the reality that God has control of everything and we really control pretty much nothing. God is gracious and merciful. This is the goodness that I have come to discover again, through the trials of the past few months.

The beauty? The beauty is that life has so much to offer. Life is beautiful, we just have to learn to see the beauty in each minute detail. It's difficult to see beauty when things get clouded by issues of health or even money. We start to relate everything to these obstacles and all of a sudden our lives revolve around the difficulties rather than around the God that will get us through it all.
The beauty is that I have a God who loves me, and who cares for me. He is beyond merciful. I am blessed and I cannot but fix my eyes on Him so that I may come to know Him more through the trials that life challenges me with. Hopefully this will bring me to love Him all the more.

I hope I have not lost you. I pray that you are well. I realize that my inconsistency is not a strong suit in the world of blogging. Won't you pray for me, that God may work through me and my love of writing?