Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Inconsistently back...but cancer free!

If blogging required inconsistency, I would be a smashing great blogger! I am back. Again! I won't promise consistency. I will just admit that it is something I struggle with. I suppose I have a great excuse this time around. Having had surgery to remove ALL of my cancer, kind of derailed me. But now I am back on track. Things are steadily moving forward. I am cancer free!

I would like to thank all those that prayed for me! I would like to genuinely thank each of you that reached out to me. If I have not responded to emails/texts it was not intentional. I still have every intention to get back to everyone. I have been trying to get things back in order. The surgery and a few other personal hurdles have kept me a bit busy. I now feel like I am ready to come back to blogging and some other projects I had left on the back burner of life.

Thank you infinitely!

I learned a difficult lesson while I was out of sorts. It is called "asking for and receiving help". I can't say it is really pride that kept me from asking for help. Perhaps it could be. It was more not wanting to inconvenience or burden anyone. Yet, those who offered to reach out to help were most certainly received with my very timely and always polite "no thank you". After a few days of trying to get back on my feet, sans mother, I realized that it was a lesson awaiting to be learned. I accepted the help! It was liberating.

I realized that in accepting help I am not only allowing myself to be taken care of in a time of need, by those who care for me deeply, but I am also allowing my friends/family member to be of service. Serving others is a necessity. It helps us to grow and it helps us to come out of ourselves. In the act of serving and helping others, we receive so much. Not only did I realize what a beautiful thing it is to serve others, but how beautiful it is to be served. How humbling. How loving. How rewarding.

Thank you to all those who helped me during this difficult time. Thank you to all those who have walked with me during this little "bump in the road". I am well and I am thankful most of all to God. May the Lord grant you all graces for your loving kindness.

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  1. Thank God that you are healthy now!
    God continues to teach us things everyday. Being able and willing to listen to Him makes all the difference in our lives. love you much!