Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A family on mission in Miami!

I think I have discovered that time goes by way too fast. Blogging reminds me of this. Yet, here I am again. As I mentioned before, inconsistent, but posting nonetheless. I'll fill you in on a few details about why this blog doesn't seem to be a top priority these days. My goal is to post once or twice a week [insert laughter], but here's why that is not happening:

We just got back from mission. Yes! Mission.  Okay, let me start from the beginning. Perhaps you recall a post I wrote on my old blog about mission. You can read that here. I detailed a great time had by the family as we went on mission. We belong to a lay international community, known as Emmanuel community which you can read about here or here. Basically we believe, that as Christians, we must always be on mission. But more specifically, we, every once and awhile, do missions in the parish setting.

Missionaries from Rome's Emmanuel School of Mission

Long story made kind of shorter, that mission in New York bore fruit to the mission we attended last week in Miami! A real blessing as I have been praying for years that our community would be able to do something like this in my hometown. God is good and God knows the desires of our hearts.

A dear friend, Fr. Jose Alfaro, hosted our Emmanuel School of Mission in his parish, Blessed Trinity, in Miami Springs, Miami. It was fantastic.

I have never seen such a great amount of parishioners so enthusiastic for mission. It seemed like the entire parish and school was on board. Joy was abundant. Zeal was common. The atmosphere was ablaze with the desire to evangelize.

Parish Mission prayer Blessed Trinity has been praying for months

The activities were typical for one of our parish missions. Door-to-door around the community; open houses with friends and families of parishioners; visits to school classrooms, retirement homes and themed evening programs targeting youth, couples, and the sick and suffering. It was a time of rejoicing and making new friends. As a community, I believe many of us felt something different. There is something different when a mission is not brought to a parish but lived by the parish.

The missionaries visiting the school
Getting ready for a flash mob on the Miami Springs Circle
Thank you to Fr. Jose (a.k.a. Fr. Alfaro)  for welcoming us. Thank you to the Blessed Trinity parish for showing us that family goes beyond the boundaries of our own homes. Thank you to Blessed Trinity school for showing us the joy of faith in the hearts of children and those who serve them. We have been blessed and even history was made. The closing Mass took place at the famous Miami Springs Circle and the Archbishop articulated what was felt in every heart, the mission is for all, the mission is the part of the joy of being a Christian. Let us proclaim the love of Christ to all.

Their joy is contagious! 

Here is a little summary video put together by Blessed Trinity Parish to show you the immense joy and love that was shared by all on mission. Thank you again! 

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