Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dear Younger Me...


There is this song that I listen to, that I absolutely love. It's called "Dear Younger Me" by MercyMe.
Every time I hear it, I think: what would I say to my younger self?

Well, here it is, my letter to my younger self:

Dear younger me,

Enjoy the present moment, it will never happen again. Stop living for what is to come. Stop worrying about the future and how to make it work, instead live the now and live it to the full. Now is all you've got. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Trust more in God. Each time you've tried to plan things your way, they never seemed to work out, according to your plans. Yet, each time you left them in the hands of the Lord, they turned out even better than you could've imagined. One example: your husband David! Remember that! Pray on that!

Be grateful! Be grateful for what you have, especially your health. Life, your body and your health are the most precious gifts you have. Take care of it and know that some things are out of your control.

Follow your deepest desires. Don't push them aside because you think they are too difficult, too crazy or not important enough. Those desires were placed in your heart for a greater purpose. If they are good, if they are meaningful, pursue them.

Love, to your fullest capacity. Especially your family. Love them despite the hurt, despite your differences. Love family because they are a gift and know that you are loved.

And finally, don't sweat the small stuff. Don't get so bent out of shape for the little things. Pick your battles. Remember that life is too short and that at the end of the day, those little things, that get under your skin, well....they're just not that important. Fight for what is most important. The big things. The things that really matter. Oh, and do not remain silent about those big things. No matter how many people try to discourage you...they are truly important things.

Stay true to who you are and what you believe, no matter the cost.

What would you say to your younger self?