Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Increase in me

Forgiveness is a tricky thing for us humans. So many things can get in the way. In particular, our pride! But God on the other hand, He never, ever tires of forgiving us. Amazing, right? It's the one attribute of God that I believe we humans struggle with the most. We struggle to ask for it. To give it. And to receive it. And yet, it's the one thing that brings peace to our hearts, besides love.

If we imagine that God is the source of all perfect goodness, beauty and love, than we can imagine that He manifests it in the most perfect of ways. The goodness that comes from Him, is the goodness that rings true in our hearts as when we see a baby smile for the first time. It might sound cliche, but it's so true. Who cannot help but smile at such pure goodness?

The beauty that comes from Him is a beauty that astounds us and creates a sense of wonder in our hearts. Like the majestic sunrise over a mountain top or the beauty of the endless sea during the setting of the sun. Again, may seem cliche, but there is a reason why these examples are used to describe the epitomy of these virtues, these attributes the human heart seeks tirelessly.

We just can't get enough.

Then there is love. Perfect love is a love that creates, builds up, transforms and forgives over and over again. It seeks nothing for itself but only wants good for the object of its love. It's a love that is so perfect, it can never be abated. It only grows with time and in the midst of suffering gives of itself all the more. That's a love that supersedes all love. It's God's love.

 It is very rare to find this perfect love in other fellow humans. Few have loved this way throughout history. Jesus was the example par excellence. He loves as the Father loves (John 15:9). His love is sought to be emulated. His love is sought out for only love's sake. Yet, we fall short of this type of love. Way short.

I fall short. So short it seems, I question my love every day. I question its authenticity. I question its basis. I question it's wanting.

Indeed, I fall short.

But that is where God comes into the picture. A God that forgives all and loves in a way that is beyond comparison, also gives in ways beyond our understanding.

We can ask for His love. The love we would want to love with:

Lord, love others through me, because I cannot.
Lord, forgive others for me, because I cannot.

In fact, that crazy character in the Bible who ate locusts and honey and was brave enough to call the King out for his lack of love, St. John the Baptist, said it best:

I must decrease so that He may increase. (John 3:30).

The more we focus on our lack of love and turn to the source of love; the more we can empty ourselves of what is wanting so that it may be filled with what is good, true and beautiful; the more we can make room for His love to love within us and through us.

Forgiveness is a tricky thing. Loving in the most perfect of ways is deemed impossible. But nothing is impossible with God. (Matthew 19:26)

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