Saturday, October 8, 2016

Removing obstacles in our lives

Today, let us go back to how we can "become who God meant for us to be", so we may, in turn, "set the world on fire." We have looked at the things that make us come alive, our gifts and talents. We have talked about how we should practice these things so that flame inside of us can become a raging fire. This in turn helps us to come to know ourselves better. To know thyself helps us to walk on the road to perfection and on this journey we will come to know God and His purpose for us. It's all interconnected.

Finally we took a look at the flaws that are intertwined with those gifts, talents; our beauty. God loves it all: the good, the not so good and the ugly, or at least what we claim to be ugly. To Him nothing is ugly. It is just something that needs to be transformed by His love and mercy. That's all. Our flaws not only give us the opportunity to improve but they also make us more compassionate. We become reliable human beings that ultimately understand our neighbors imperfections, precisely because we share that same cross of weakness.

So now let's look at obstacles. This is a vast topic that I can only scratch the surface on. Our weaknesses are, in sorts, obstacles to our becoming who we were meant to be. Yet, I would say there are even bigger obstacles that many times stop us from reaching our full potential. Our lack of faith; our sole reliance on our own strengths; our attachments to people and things. These are all the more common obstacles that may stand in our way towards our true self.

How do we overcome them?

How do we scale the walls that are sometimes higher than our fears will allow us to climb?

I have got one answer and I speak solely from experience. F A I T H !

Faith is the only way that obstacles can become little speed bumps on the road of life. The highest mountain can become a molehill with faith.  Having faith in a God that is greater than our every difficulty is really the only way to overcome them with ease. Ok. Even if you do not overcome them with ease, you will begin to see God's hand in the hardships. With great faith, each moment in your life becomes a way in which God reveals His mercy, His love and His grace.

Faith changes our vision.

Faith changes our hearts.

So how do we acquire faith like this?

The only way to this type of faith is to receive it. We cannot buy it. We cannot work for it. Faith is gift. Given freely. By the one who is the source of faith. All we have to do is pray and give thanks. That's it.

So let's pray for faith that can move mountains! Or rather, let us pray for faith that believes that God will move mountains! 

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