Monday, October 24, 2016

Sex is not everything!

C-H-A-S-T-I-T-Y. Chastity. 

No. I'm not talking about some girl. I'm talking about not having any sexual relations before marriage. It also means fidelity within marriage.

It is the antidote to lust.

It is the ability to have self-control in one's sexual desires.

It is not a suppression. It is not a punishment. Nor is it an asexual attitude.

We are sexual beings. Unlike what we are hearing these days, we are man or woman. We are man or woman to our core. In all that we do, think or say, we are either man or woman. This may be extremely controversial, but when has truth not been controversial?

Because we are sexual beings, we have sexual desires. These sexual desires are good. However, like any desire, they must be channeled in the proper way. They must be given their proper place.

Chastity is the harnessing of sexual desires in a manner that allows us to develop other ways of showing our love and our desire for another. In ways beyond the sexual realm.

Why is this even necessary? Simply put, and unlike what popular culture tells us, sex is not everything.

In marriage, there is more to the relationship than just sex. If all focus is on sex, than when days come when one is tired, or the children are ill, or even one of the spouses is ill, what will you lean on? Other means of expressing love must be developed early on.

Love must never be mistaken with lust. Lust is the desire to use another for the sole purpose of pleasure. Love is the desire to give oneself to another for the sole purpose of the other. Love can be chaste. Love can wait. Love can be expressed in others ways beyond the sexual realm. Beyond sex.

Lust cannot wait. Lust cannot be controlled. Lust only seeks to please itself. It is selfish.

Chastity is beautiful because in abstaining from the sexual act it allows a man and woman, who deeply love each other, who want nothing more than to give themselves to each other, to find so many other beautiful ways of expressing this love.

Helping one another.
Caring for one another.
Writing love notes.
Giving gifts.
Taking on other responsibilities.
Sharing deep faith.
Praying for one another.
Simply talking.
Just being together.

And the list goes on.

Chastity in marriage helps us to live our relationship on a much deeper level. Sex is not everything.
Chastity in single life helps single people discover that they are loved for much more than just their body. And when all's said and done, sex is not everything. Love is!

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