Friday, September 8, 2017

The impotence Irma brings

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

As I sit here writing, my family is well on their way out of (Miami) Florida. Each in different directions, through different modes of transportation. After having lived the destruction of Andrew exactly 25 years ago, people are scared. It's that simple. People are scared!

Not everyone is able to leave. Not everyone wants to leave. Although the exodus is far greater than ever before and the possibility of Irma causing wide spread damage is highly probable, many are still preparing to batten down the hatches and wait for Irma's landing.  Of course, the news scares us. It keeps us hanging on to the edge of our seats, texting our families incessantly. Our minds whirl with the possibility of losing everything we have worked for. We sit and wait. We sit and turn off the television and just pray.

And that's all we can do at this point. There are probably no more flights leaving South Florida. Leaving by car is, at this point, is a huge risk since the highways are like parking lots and the gas is scarce and being gouged at every turn. So we sit and wait and pray!

There is nothing more debilitating than being completely impotent. The human person was made to fight, to survive. There is nothing like knowing all you can do is pray and stick it out to make us realize that God does in fact exist. I have heard, in the past 48 hours, people say they will pray; people, whom I have never heard say this before. This is God in action. This is the realization that all we have at this point, is prayer and hope.

Things will turn out. We pray for the storm to weaken and to go into the middle of the Gulf and dissolve. And just like Andrew, we will get through this. One thing that I clearly remember from Andrew is that not too long after the hurricane blew away homes, businesses and so much of what we called our community in South Florida, the churches were packed. People helped one another and the world, somehow, seemed like a better place. Despite the destruction, humanity seemed better off and somehow God was shining through. Houston is a shining example of this.

Let us sit and pray and let us remember that impotence is just a feeling and that real power lies in prayer!

Let us pray for all those who have suffered the loss of life or lively hood in the many natural disasters that have occurred throughout the world these past few weeks and those that we are still waiting to happen. And as today is the Nativity of our Blessed Mother, let us ask for a special intercession from Our Lady Star of the Sea!

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