Monday, October 15, 2018

Reason no. 14 why I remain Catholic: Masculine genius

I have two sons. I have always had an affinity for boys, particularly in my classroom. Whether I taught elementary, middle school or high school, my heart always went out to the boys. Why is it?

I have witnessed a huge change in the way boys are treated in the past two decades. In my almost twenty-five years of working in education, I can say that there has been a drastic change in the way we handle boys and the way boys act and learn.

If you take a look at media in the past twenty-five years you see a huge shift in the way men are portrayed. Watch any prime-time series or children's cartoons and you will see that men/boys are depicted as idiots. On television and in movies, men are characterized as incapable. Incompetent. Immature. Often, boys are portrayed as inferior to girls. It can be seen hiding in plain sight.

Yesterday I wrote about feminine genius and the many gifts that we, as women have been given. If used at the service of God and others, there are fruits of peace and growth to be had. Women have the natural gift of nurturing and educating.  The instinctual maternal side of every woman helps us to "nourish and protect true humanity and bring it to development." The woman was created to receive love and through that receiving she moves toward nurturing service. When a woman is deeply loved, she can work wonders. She brings forth life, not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally.

Although men were created to give love, today we witness men who are childish, immature, inconsiderate and irresponsible. Why? What has happened to all the good men we ask ourselves?  Men initiating love? This seems counterintuitive to what we observe in our families, in our workplace, and in the media.

We are a broken humanity. Men, in their weakness, are prone to these very faults: immaturity, iresponsiblity, carelessness, and promiscuity. In our brokenness, we women are disposed to bitterness, jealousy, viciousness, and disrespect. Consequently, the many decades of women suffering at the hands of broken men have given rise to the radical feminist movement, the antithesis to men's folly. This movement has done everything in its power to push men and boys to the peripheries. Hence, we have added to the problem and we have now abandoned men to the very vices we despise them for. Moreover, at times it seems that the feminist movement has taken on the masculine attributes we most abhor.

However, there is an opportunity here.  A great opportunity for redemption on both sides. The very order of things has become convoluted. No longer is man the initiator of love and the protector of families.  Bygone are the days where women receive a deep and trusting love from men so that she may confidently nurture her family by his side. It's as if we have swapped places.

What is this opportunity? The opportunity belongs to women.

In our gift as loving nurturer and natural educator lies an opportunity to redeem man and save him from his vices and consequently allow things to fall back into place.

Man is an image of the God and God became man in Jesus Christ. God is often referred to as Father. 

"Men as masculine are made to actively initiate love and use their strength to protect and promote that love. Over and over again in the Bible, we see God the Father actively initiating love with His chosen people and with His Son, Jesus Christ, and then using His power to protect and promote that love even in the face of destruction, exile, and death." 

He is the initiator...the giver. It is imprinted in him physically. We must encourage him and allow him to initiate.
He is protector...created to be physically stronger his instinct to protect stems from his love and desire to be the one who will fend off evil. We must give him the opportunity to protect us and not disregard him.
He is promoter...through the honor and respect that we give him he is spurred on to promote love and to provide for his family. Let us respect him not only in our words but also in the way we look at him. Let us look at him with pride and respect.

We can re-teach men and young boys in the ways he has been entrusted to serve God and others. We must reveal to him his "masculine genius". We must boycott media that portrays men in any way that is less than what he was created for. We must appeal for more movies and series that portray men who are strong, loving, honest, responsible and heads of families. We must ask to see men of integrity. We must convince the men in our lives that they have the potential to be men of honor, valor and of true heroic virtue.

There has never been a more beautiful time to use our talents, our feminine genius, to help restore the masculine genius to its rightful place.

We were created for each other and so we must live for each other.

The LORD God then built the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman. When he brought her to the man, the man said: “This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; This one shall be called ‘woman,’ for out of man this one has been taken.” That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body. Genesis 2:22-24

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