Monday, October 22, 2018

Reason no. 20 why I remain Catholic: The Saints

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Do you have friends that you can look up to and rely on? Do you have friends that pray for you, especially when you are going through a difficult time? I really hope so.

If you feel you do not have friends like this, I have great news. One of the beautiful things about being Catholic is that we gain a multitude of friends in heaven that can intercede for us at all times. From the heights of heaven and through their proximity to our Lord, they are able to help us receive God's graces and become are signposts towards heaven.

Saints are not canonized for their own benefit. The only reason the Catholic Church is in the business of making saints is for us!

Saints are supernatural heroes that show us the way towards our ultimate goal: heaven!

They have literally "been there and done that" when it comes to everything that involves trying to be Christ-like and even failing on the journey. There is a saint for every example under the sun of what it is like to strive for sanctity, a vocation that each and every person on the face of the earth is called to.

The beauty of the Catholic Church is our faith and friendship is not limited to this earth.

We have the  Church Militant which refers to us Christians here on earth who are like soldiers. We battle against the enemy who is always "seeking to ruin our soul".

Then there is the Church Penitent which is the Christians in purgatory who await their entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

And finally, there is the Church Triumphant which consists of this cohort of saints along with Mary who dwells in the beatific vision and resides in Paradise (aka Heaven).

Church Militant pray for Church Penitent but asks for prayers from Church Triumphant.

We are all connected by the desire to see God.

The saints are our friends and for the next few days, I will take the time to write about a few of my favorite friends whom I call upon often.

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