Thursday, June 27, 2019


Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash

Since my blog is all about imperfection, I will just admit that I have been less than perfect in keeping up with my posts. In fact, I had just about completely stopped posting once Lent started.

So here is my update on a few things: Our school is well on its way. We have hired a wonderful headmaster who just moved his family to Detroit. He will be setting up house at our soon to be disclosed location, recruiting students and marketing this whole year leading up to our grand opening in the Fall of 2020. Check out our website at Spread the word if you are in the Metro Detroit area.

On the family front, the kids are growing and our little redhead is getting cuter every day. It is amazing what red hair will do. We get stopped where ever we go. "Where did she get that red hair?" Considering we both have very dark hair it's really a mystery to us. I relay it to God's sense of humor. I always dreamed of having red hair. So there you go!

This summer we will be spending a lot of time with my family. We are sorely missing our family in South Florida and look forward to spending several weeks down there in the very hot sun! Nothing like a huge dose of Vitamin D to prepare for Fall and Winter here in Michigan. I have realized that the reality of Michigan is that we get at least 7-8 months of COLD! That is the analysis of a native Floridian. Any Michigander want to argue that? My husband says it's not true.

Finally, I will try to refocus on posting here as I have to confess that trying to extract what is true, good and beautiful in every day mamma land is very hard and so this outlet gives me a chance to really think about that.

God bless each of you.

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  1. Welcome back! The academy sounds so wonderful. Do you know roughly how many Chesterton Academies there currently are? Just curious. I know you'll pack plenty of sunscreen for your trip. It is already brutally hot. My Mom is glad she's here in GA with me for the summer. Love to everyone! X♡X♡X♡