Monday, October 21, 2019

When all you can do is trust!

Sometimes in life, there are things that come along that take you by surprise. There are surprises from the Lord that leave you humbled and questioning, why me? Why now? But the Lord has His plan and the Lord has His timing. This I know very well. But how do you hold on to the ride you are about to embark on when all you have is TRUST?

Here are three ways you can allow the Lord to do His will in your life and trust that He is in charge!

1. Praise! Praise the Lord in the good and the difficult times. There is no better way to show the Lord your unfailing trust in Him than to just praise Him even when you are scared out of your mind. Praising means to offer up our song and words of gratitude to God just for who He is. God does not need our praises but He does desire them. He desires to know that we trust in Him and are willing to ride out the times in life that are difficult and seem uncertain with a heart full of praise.

2. Prayer. Pray to Him constantly. Yes, taking time out of your day for personal prayer is not only essential but good. Time set aside to pray to the God that has given all to us is what makes us come back to this reality of His undivided love for us. But prayer can take on other forms. Prayer is also wrapped up in our constant dialogue with him throughout our day. Prayer is also offering up the little sacrifices (especially as moms) that we take on at every minute of the day. From doing laundry to washing the 100th dish of the day, you can offer up those tiny sacrifices with love as St. Thérèse of Lisieux reminded us in her "little way"! Prayer is essential but constant prayer is beautiful.

3. Doing your part. God does not want us to just sit back and allow life to happen. He does not ask us to be spectators, He wants us to be participants, disciples. It is only by being proactive and willing to seek out His will, even when it might not fit our plans, that we are able to be co-creators with the One True Creator. Being a co-creator is not just being a parent and having children, it also means creating and doing the things that the Lord asks of us. Doing our part involves using the gifts and talents He has given us to the fullest and always for His glory. Sometimes using those gifts is a bit scary because He asks us to partake in things we feel we are not capable of, but He is in charge. He knows our limits, He knows our capacity and He knows our heart.

What is God asking of you today? Trust in Him and allow Him to work and create with you.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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