Sunday, March 22, 2020

COVID patients are DYING ALONE!

I'm sure that this time has brought to the forefront of your minds the topic of death. Lent is the perfect time to reflect on our own mortality and the fact that death is at hand as we as Christians reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that the Lord made for us, dying on the Cross.

However, one thing I have thought of often these days in the midst of this coronavirus crisis is of the countless persons in the hundreds of hospitals around the world who lay dying in isolation without loved ones at their side.

My heart breaks.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking thought I have had since this all began is of the lonely deaths so many are suffering.

What a tragic way to die and YET we are reminded that as children of God, we are NEVER alone. 

However, the reality of this current crisis does remind us of the raw and unfortunate circumstances of those who do contract the virus and end up in critical care and on the brink of death: 

If they die, they DIE ALONE!

I think of the many harried doctors and nurses, exhausted from their endless workday. I imagine them bogged down by their own awareness of their constant vulnerability of contracting the virus each moment of each day and bringing it home to their own families. How could they possibly take the time to sit by each dying patient and care for them in their last moments? There are hundreds upon hundreds of more patients spilling out into the hallways and corridors of thousands of hospitals on the brink of collapse? 

Here is an opportunity for each of us. An opportunity to live out a spiritual work of mercy. 

Today I read, from a Facebook post, a simple project started by a certain Catholic priest in Ireland. Fr. Philip read the following article and was inspired by the Holy Spirit to set up a prayer chain across the entire globe to pray for those who are dying. Read the article here: Everyone Dies Alone.

He remembered St. Faustina who was given a gift by the Lord to help a man on his death bed.

"St. Faustina was spiritually transported by the Lord in order to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the bedside of a dying man she did not know."

Let us, each day, pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet with our families and ask the Lord to "transport us" in spirit to the bedside of a dying person who is all alone.

Let us adopt them spiritually and ask the Lord to have mercy on their soul; especially for those who are not prepared to die or who have no faith in Jesus Christ!

If you do not know how to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, it is quite simple. You can follow the prayer here or you can sing/follow along here.

It just takes about 10 minutes and the Lord can save a soul through this very powerful prayer and your intercession. 

Let us not allow any more souls to die alone!

Let us accompany them and in particular, let us say a prayer for their families who are unable to be at their side or even pay their last respects once they have died. 

Let us be united in prayer for all dying souls.

Photo by Marco Ceschi on Unsplash

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